The Basics of Forex Swaps

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Caractéristiques du contrat Forward sur le Forex

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Sponsor Officiel de Watford FC. Partenaires Chat en direct Contacter. Annonces importantes Calendrier complet. Prévisions du forex de la journée. Actualités de la société. Commission fees are calculated as follows: Your trading account is denominated in EUR: Your trading account is denominated in JPY: Your trading account is denominated in USD: Commissions are attached to the open position and are realised once the position is closed.

The formula we use for calculating the swap charge for Forex pairs is the following: Cost calculation tool The cost calculator can be used to calculate the quarterly charges of every instrument we offer, customised to your trading.

You will fill in the fields as follows: YouForexxx , Feb 18, Feb 18, 2. Enivid , Feb 18, Feb 19, 3. Some brokers offer swap-free accounts. I use no-swap accounts for religious reasons. WalkieTalkie , Feb 19, Feb 19, 4. Swap arises due to the overnight interest rates for each currency being different. Since currencies are always traded in pairs, you always need to borrow one currency in order to buy another, so it follows that you have to pay interest on the loan, but you also receive interest on the currency you are holding.

If the difference between what you pay and what you receive is positive, then you are eligible for a net swap credit. If the difference is negative, that is if you pay more interest than you receive, then your account will be debited the appropriate swap amount. Most brokers use interbank overnight rates for their base calculations, update them daily, and then skim a little off the top. Other brokers update their rates only from time to time, and others still don't bother with the idea of swap at all.

You will notice a lot of brokers claiming to be swap-free in order to attract Islamic clients who are forbidden from engaging in interest-bearing deals due to religious reasons.

There are also differences between how brokers display swap i won't get into details here. Most brokers apply swap daily at New York close, and triple the amount on Wednesdays to make up for Saturday and Sunday when there is no trading, but there are exceptions - Oanda being a notable one. Sinnerman , Feb 19, Mar 2, 5. That is the true Oanda being a notable one. I have look at it before.

Anyway that a lot of explanation. If any other friend can give the more opinion, please write down here Mar 3, 6. FXexpert , Mar 3, Mar 17, 7. Each currency has an assosiated interest rate. The tarder earns interest on long positions but must pay interest on the short. You gain interest on your ausssie holding and pay interest on dollar. Since aussie interest is higher you earn more thn you pay on the dollar resulting in a positive swap charge.

Apr 10, 8. Forex swap definition has already been given to the best of my knowledge. I don't find any further clarification is required.