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FOREX Millionaire Mentorship Program, North Bridge Road, Singapore, Singapore. Thu Jan 14 at pm, FOREX MILLIONAIRE MENTORSHIP =====SELF MADE MILLIONAIRE PROGRAMLearn formulas, strategies and secret codes in FOREX trading with which will enable you to achieve.

This course compiles a series of steps to become a successful FOREX trader, including setting stop losses, using indicators, and other types of research.

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If exclude the forex loss, its core EPS is sen (reported EPS is merely 1sen). In preceding quarter, there was also forex loss but not as much as in this quarter. If I use core EPS (without forex loss) in Q1 & Q2 FY18 to annualise, and based on sen current stock price, it is selling at merely x PE multiple which is very cheap.

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Lu pigi bulajat mana invesmen kolej pinya ah. Lu sutah miss da boat olety lor. Simalam lu sutah panic selling Want2Win ki ki ki TaePoonDaek boloh kontuik!!! GoodBoy Very good lor Everyone says good means price will go up lor Slow slow up lar, don't limit up lar DreamSorcerer Mana sutah pigi itu olang shatu olang itu ah.

TaePunyDong kichit lanjeow satu olang itu. Mana timpat pun x tau tia sikalang sumbunyi. Sikalang 42 balu la tia kilam kabut mau kijat. Big boss buy 46cent. WealthSoWonderful The time to buy is when not so many people want. When everybody making a grab, then too late already. GoldenHarvest1 Could just mean building up energy for take-off. Take a close look now. WealthSoWonderful Still holding well. Yes, at least according the the "geniuses" at the research firm.