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Stock selection criteria or stock picking is a multi-method technique for investing when specifically dealing with stocks (equity markets). The stock investment or position can be

The DCF is the value of future expected cash receipts and expenditures at a common date, which is calculated using net present value or internal rate of return. Compare to another ETF. Use the Run Screen button to start the search, when you have set all your filters.

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Realtime Rating Summary. The adjacent table gives investors an individual Realtime Rating for IBUY on several different metrics, including liquidity, expenses, performance, volatility, dividend, concentration of holdings in addition to an overall rating.

Strong Growth Stock Technical Setups. The Technical Breakout Setups will filter for stocks with a good Technical Rating and a good Setup Rating, leading to a list of breakout setups in the best performing stocks in the market. This screen finds squeeze play setups on stocks that are in a strong uptrend. A squeeze play setup occurs when the Bollinger Bands are inside the Keltner channels. When this happens, the stock has been trading in a narrow range for a while. A major move could happen when the stock breaks out of this trading range.

This screen finds bull flag patterns. A bull flag is a consolidation after a strong upmove. The uptrend may continue when the stocks moves out of the consolidation zone. The Strong Growth Stock Technical Setups combines Technical and Fundamental analysis and will filter for technical breakout patterns in stocks which are growing strongly while having decent profitability and health. Check out all of our popular screens.

How's the market today? Follow us Tweets van ChartMill. Get started Learn about consolidated support and resistance. Learn how the analyzer concepts can be used in your trading. Learn about squeeze plays. Lean about strong stocks. Learn about Weinstein stage analysis.

Lean about bull flags. Perfect Your Market Timing Learn how to manage your market risk. The weekly Trading Diary offers fundamental analysis of the economy and technical analysis of major market indices, gold, crude oil and forex.

More than , subscribers - Read it now. We do not spam. Stock Screener Input If you merely want a list of all stocks in an exchange: Select an Exchange Click the Run Screen button Index or Watchlist To limit your search to securities in a particular index, or one of your watchlists, select an Index e. Tip You can use this feature to save all component securities of a selected index to a watchlist. Sector Use the Sector option if you want to limit your choice to a particular sector or industry group.

All Equities - all stocks or indexes; Sector Indices - lists all sector indexes not securities that meet your search criteria; Individual Sectors - filters for stocks in a specific sector. Sort By Sort the list of returned stocks by either: Filter To add a filter: Select a folder in the Filter section e. Moving Average Exponential Input required data Select Add After the Filter has been added it can be deleted or edited by selecting Delete or Edit to the right of the filter.

Run Screen Use the Run Screen button to start the search, when you have set all your filters.