Les artisans de la débâcle économique continuent leur besogne au sein du gouvernement Obama

Aug 08,  · Que doit contenir votre roman pour devenir une histoire passionnante pour vos lecteurs? Aujourd'hui, j'aimerais partager avec vous un exercice tout simple pour trouver les idées de votre.

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Toate aceste lacune tehnice inghit cel putin 15% din cifra de afaceri a comerciantului online. Magazinele online romanesti care nu utilizeaza platforme integrate de e-commerce, care sa le.

Jimmy Wales comments that he "would rather write [an opinion piece] where it is going to be read", declaring that "putting opinion pieces behind paywalls [makes] no sense. The use of a paywall to bar individuals from accessing news content online without payment, brings up numerous ethical questions. According to Hackett, media are already "failing to furnish citizens with ready access to relevant civic information.

Hackett cites "general cultural and economic mechanisms, such as the commodification of information and the dependence of commercial media on advertising revenue" as two of the greatest influences on media performance.

According to Hackett, these cultural and economic mechanisms "generate violations of the democratic norm of equality. The result of these mechanisms, as stated by Hackett, is an impediment to "equal access to relevant [news] facts.

Poynter digital media fellow Jeff Sonderman outlines the ethical tension created by a paywall. As for-profit enterprises, they have the right the duty, even to make money for shareholders or private owners.

But most also claim to have a social compact, in which they safeguard the entire public interest and help their entire community shape and understand its shared values.

While there has been little coverage and discussion of the ethical implications of the paywall regarding newspapers' obligation to maintain a generally informed public, there are two prominent instances where companies have addressed the restriction of online news coverage. First is the removal of paywalls in the face of breaking news news covering national or local emergencies.

Some newspapers have removed their paywall from blocking content covering emergencies. When Hurricane Irene hit the United States' east coast in late August , The New York Times declared that all storm related coverage, accessed both online and through mobile devices, would be free to readers. Given the overwhelming opinion that, regardless of paywall success, new revenue sources must be sought out for newspapers' financial success, it is important to highlight new business initiatives.

According to Poynter media expert Bill Mitchell, in order for a paywall to generate sustainable revenue, newspapers must create "new value"—higher quality, innovation, etc. The draw of these packages is not just the topic but the authors and the breadth of coverage. According to reporter Mathew Ingram, newspapers can benefit from these special offerings in two ways, first by taking advantage of old content when new interest arises, such as an anniversary or an important event, and second, through the creation of packages of general interest.

The New York Times , for example, has created packages on baseball, golf and the digital revolution. An open API application programming interface makes the online news site "a platform for data and information that [the newspaper company] can generate value from in other ways.

While an open API is regarded as a gamble just like a paywall, journalist Matthew Ingram ethically notes that the use of an open API aims at "profiting from the open exchange of information and other aspects of an online-media world, while the [paywall] is an attempt to create the kind of artificial information scarcity that newspapers used to enjoy.

The open API strategy can be commended because it takes the pressure off of the news room to continually investigate and explore new means of revenue. Instead, the open API strategy relies on the interest and ideas of those outside the newsroom, to whom the site's content and data are attractive. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Wikipedia paywall sourcing template, see Template: Internet portal Business and economics portal. City, University of London. Retrieved 22 October Retrieved 12 October Online News and the Public.

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